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When Should I Consider Dental Implants?

When Should I Consider Dental Implants? | Pasadena, CA

Dental implants are the only enduring, constructive and dependable solution for missing teeth. But dental implants cannot be installed whenever you like. In our previous blog, we have explained how safe and effective dental implants in Pasadena are? So, when should you consider dental implants? Well, if you need an answer to this question, read along.

What are Dental Implants?

Installed surgically, dental implants are an effective replacement for crooked, missing, or chipped teeth. An implant, usually made from titanium, is placed in the jawbone. It basically acts as the root of your tooth and is allowed to fuse with your jawbone. Once it's fused, a dental crown is placed, leaving you with a new-looking tooth.

When Should You Consider Dental Implants in Pasadena?

You should definitely consider dental implants when:

  1. You Don't Want Your Healthy Teeth to Shift:

    When you lose single or multiple teeth, an empty space is created. And the adjacent teeth start shifting towards this space gradually. When it happens, you might face difficulty in cleaning and maintaining such teeth. So, if missing teeth are bothering you and you want to prevent the normal ones from shifting, consider dental implants in Pasadena.

  2. You Want Better Support For Your Dentures:

    Dentures on their own can cause several issues such as:

    • Mouth sores.
    • Poor fit.
    • Sunken lips.
    • Food restrictions.

    So, if you wear dentures and are facing the above problems, go for dental implants. It's because implant-supported dentures offer a fixed and long term solution.

  3. You Don't Want Your Jawbone to Deteriorate:

    Choosing a fixed bridge over dental implants can deteriorate your jawbone slowly. If you want to protect your jawbone from deterioration, go for dental implants in Pasadena.

  4. You Want to Preserve/Improve Your Appearance:

    A missing tooth is quite non aesthetic on its own. Also, if you let your jawbone deteriorate, you might have a sunken face too. So, if you want to improve or preserve your facial appearance or smile, go for dental implants.

Are You Looking For The Best Dental Office in Pasadena for Dental Implants?

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