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Yelp Reviews

I have had the worst experiences within the dentistry community! This office had renewed my belief! From the minute you walk in you are greeted by Angie G. and Angie V. with smiles and kindness from the front desks. The office dental assistant David who is patient and takes the time to listen and relays all the dental concerns properly to the doctor. Dr. Sean who I had the pleasure of having him take care of my needs did a fantastic job. Of course, there is Dr. Kim! You will never find a dentist like him. He is one of a kind. The dental office is honest, professional, and kind. You are all a gift! So blessed to have found this dental practice. Don't to these wonderful professionals!!

K C.

I've been extra stupid about my dental hygiene for the last 5 years and I came to Cal Dental with a gaping cavity/hole in my wisdom tooth. I was able to call to schedule an appointment and come in on the same day, then Dr. Sean was able to extract my tooth during that appointment. The process was insanely quick and completely painless.

Aaaand all the staff were wonderful, they looked into my insurance and made sure I knew my costs. I don't know why I put it off for so long. Will def be back for maintenance and other work.

Highly recommend this place.

Michael M.

David, Dr. Sean, the front desk, and everyone else were excellent from the moment I walked in 20 mins late till I walked out. The wait wasn't even long despite my lateness. They treat their patients with care and patience. I think that's what every dentist needs since it's not a fun place for everybody. I always felt uncomfortable in a dentist office but not this one! What I was most surprised about was that they were able to clean and pull my wisdom teeth out the same day ! Geez now the anesthesia was A PIECE OF CAKE!!! It's literally a pinch you feel then you go numb lol. Dr. Sean has great bedside manners. He wanted to let me know when I was feeling any discomfort. His assistant was great also. Everyone in there is lovely. Lovely environment. And the prices are awesome. I will be back !

Khristian G.

An Affordable Smile

In early October, I visited Doctor Sean's office to have a cavity filled in my front tooth.

There were some other issues with my front tooth, such as a dark mark and a little bit of a crack at the bottom. So I just thought I would -- at the conclusion of the visit -- walk out looking pretty much the same as I'd come in because I was just going to have a cavity filled. Oh, but what a surprise when Dr. Sean handed me a mirror so that I could see the result of his work once he had finished; the dark mark and little crack were no longer visible and my tooth was smooth and shiny!

When I left Dr. Sean's office, I felt much more confident about smiling and showing my teeth than I had a mere 45 minutes earlier... and the price was very reasonable, too.

Thank you Dr. Sean!

Celine D.

I haven't been to the dentist in 4-5 years because I didn't have insurance. Finally I'm able to go, but was dreading visiting the dentist because of bad prior experiences. Today was my first visit with California Dental Group. I had 5 cavities filled. This was the best dentist experience I've ever had. Every single person was nice. Both Angies at the front desk we're courteous, Demaris was awesome with the x-rays, Romero made the visit super fun, and Dr. Sean was the cherry on the top. He provided superb, thorough care, and went above and beyond to provide quality care. He also numbed me well and I didn't feel a thing. I'm so glad I came here. I don't dread going to the dentist's anymore!

Rosa M.

Dr. Sean and Andy are the best! It's been ten years since my last trip to the dentist and they made it real easy for me. I went for a general cleaning which included x-rays, too. My teeth look fresh and white (I had a black tea stain going and it's now gone after one cleaning), and Dr. Sean gave some great tips about how to take better care of my teeth and gums. This is now our go-to dentist as a family.

Marika C.

Dr Sean is awesome! I was really nervous about my wisdom teeth extraction and he talked me through the whole process on multiple occasions. The post-op care was succinct and clear and I'm glad to say I've had no complications.

Mariah F.

I had an unexpected incident while on a recent trip down to LA (chipped tooth, don't ask for details lol) but thankfully through Yelp, I was able to come across a nearby dental office that could take me after I was calling around desperately!

The facilities are super clean facilities with top of the line equipment (panoramic X rays), and there are a lot of nice amenities that make the visit more welcoming than a normal dental vist would be. The staff was quite friendly but what really made my visit was having a super personable and friendly dentist! Dr. Sunyoto was patient and accommodating of my needs. Most importantly, he thoroughly explained all my options and didn't push any treatment but still gave me as much information to make the best decision possible. What was an unfortunate and clumsy mishap took a turn for the better as Dr. Sunyoto was able to alleviate the situation at end.

I would recommend Dr. Sunyoto whenever you're in the area! FYI he mentioned that he is rotating among the several Cal Dental Group offices so his availability at this location changes.

Samantha C.

Facebook Reviews

Cal Dental Group is awesome. The Doctor is top notch and the staff makes you feel like family. Just the best dental office to come to.

Heather Yarnell MacIsaac

Clean office environment.Great friendly staff. Dentist is helpful, knowledgeable, and pleasant. Cal Dental is my new dental home for my family.

Avion Branch

Very professional and they make me feel like family. Dr. Kim rocks!

Ozzie Mineros

The dentist there are very knowledgeable and the most important is that they know and understand what not to do to harm your health. They are honest and willing to work with you I have my teeth cleaned there and will go back twice a year to keep them healthy and pretty. you look young with your teeth unless you are a baby age.

Maria Sulindro