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How to Handle Extreme Pain Post Root Canal?

How to Handle Extreme Pain Post Root Canals? | Pasadena, CA

A root canal procedure can irritate the nerves and gums around the treated area, making the patient feel discomfort or slight pain after the treatment. Though there is a widespread misconception that every patient faces severe pain after a root canal treatment, it is not the case. The intensity of pain varies across cases, and slight discomfort is common in all. If you're facing severe pain post-treatment of root canals in Pasadena, it might be due to some complications associated with your case.

Pain Post Root Canals Treatment in Pasadena & Ways To Deal With It:

After your treatment, you may feel slight, moderate, or severe pain. Minor pain or discomfort is common. But it goes away with time, so patients need not worry. But if the pain is slightly on the higher side and you're finding it challenging to handle, take the over-the-counter pain killer or medicines as prescribed by your Endodontist in Pasadena.

The way you take care of your mouth and oral hygiene post-treatment also determines whether you’ll face slight or moderate pain. So always follow the post-treatment dental care instructions suggested by your Endodontist. If you’re facing severe pain and no medicine seems to be working, you should call your dentist right away and visit the dental office in Pasadena, for a quick checkup.

When to Contact Your Dentist in Pasadena?

If you've had a recent root canal treatment and are experiencing pain, you might be thinking about how to determine whether the pain you're facing is moderate or severe. Well, the answer is simple. If the pain starts hindering your regular work activities and the prescribed medicines don't seem to provide comfort, it is time you contact your Pasadena dentist.

In some cases, complications may arise after the treatment giving rise to unbearable pain. It may also happen that the treatment wasn't 100% successful in removing bacteria or other sources of infection from your mouth, causing severe irritation later. In such cases, the dentist will do a thorough checkup of your oral condition and take the necessary steps.

Consult the Best Dentist in Pasadena:

Pain should never be the prime reason for not proceeding with your root canals in Pasadena. If you're looking for a dental office in Pasadena, with the highest success rate for root canal treatments, you should visit CAL Dental USA. Book an appointment with Dr. Sean Sunyoto, a qualified and exceptionally skilled dentist working at Cal Dental Group of Pasadena, for a pain-free root canal treatment.