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Dental Implants Pasadena Califonia

Dental Implants Pasadena Califonia

Dental Implants is a process of implanting artificial tooth in the jawbone with a surgical method to restore a missing tooth. These implant teeth are one of the best choices in replacing missing teeth since they function in the same manner as original teeth do and it looks same as natural teeth and one can perform regular oral activities as you do it for your regular teeth. This oral surgery is done by an implant dentist or dental specialist in implants surgery. Our dentist Dr. Sean Sunyoto is experienced with dental implants in Pasadena, he also provides other dental treatments in our office, Cal Dental Group of Pasadena through the latest 3D CBCT simulated implant surgery and other techniques.

Am I a Candidate for Dental Implants in Pasadena?

Dental implants are done for all age groups. But, if you are suffering from missing teeth or tooth decay, then you are an ideal candidate for dental implants in Pasadena. Candidates who are dedicated to oral hygiene are excellent applicants for implants because they have sufficient bone mass in the jaw that provides a good function for the implants.

Treatment Process of Dental Implants in Pasadena:

Our first priority is to see our patients feel comfortable throughout the procedure and we want to keep this process transparent so that patients should know everything about the dental implants procedure in Pasadena. Our dental staff at Cal Dental Group of Pasadena welcomes patients with greetings and examine your past medical history and medication you are taking. An x-ray of your mouth is taken out to check the damage intensity in the jawbone. You might be asked to go for a basic dental examination at our dental clinic in Pasadena to know more about the dental issues you had.

There are three components used in dental implants treatments in Pasadena,

  1. Implant Tooth, is also called titanium metal post which is made up of titanium material and acts as a root of the tooth in the jawbone,
  2. Dental Crown, is also known as artificial tooth which is made up of ceramic material it looks like a natural teeth and is placed it over implant tooth
  3. Abutment, it looks like a screw nut which acts as a bridge between implant tooth and dental crown.

Before begining the surgery make sure Dental Implants in Pasadena is Right For You by allowing our Implant Dentist to check the jawbone strength and thickness, if the jawbone is not thick enough to support implant tooth then the doctor will go for bone grafting surgery. The bone loss in jawbone starts soon after the tooth is missing, hence it is best advised to fill the gap of missing tooth before jawbone loses its strength. Bone grafting is again a surgical method to transform the bone tissues from different part of your body into the jawbone. Once the bone grows completely it is suitable to undergo dental implant surgery.

If the jawbone is strong and thick enough then a dental specialist will drill a hole in the jawbone with the help of surgical tools in order to make an incision in the bone to place an implant tooth (titanium metal post) in the jawbone. Titanium metal post has a tendency to integrate with bone tissue in the jawbone. Once titanium post implanted it will start to fuse with the jawbone and this fusion process is known as Osseointegration. In order to heal the metal post with jawbone it requires minimum 3-4 months of time period and during this time you are asked to take rest and our dentist Dr. Sean Sunyoto and Dr. John Kim will give you the necessary medication and also he will advise on how to take care of your implanted tooth before you are leaving our office.

What Should I Expect After Dental Implants Treatment in Pasadena?

During this healing process of implant tooth with the jawbone, you might feel little discomfort or mild tooth sensitivity, you can take over-the-counter of mild painkiller on the prescription of a dentist. If the pain gets heavier then you should immediately approach the implants dentist in order to avoid severe dental consequences. It is most important to maintain your oral health and hygiene during this period. Use a soft bristle brush, avoid too hot and too cold foods, avoid biting hard substances, etc. Generally, our dental staff will advise you on complete take care of your implant tooth while leaving our dental office.

Once the implant tooth heals completely with jawbone then a dentist will put an abutment over implant tooth this procedure is done with a mini surgery and this process takes less than a day. After this, your dental crown or artificial tooth is made ready. In order to produce the exact size and shape of your artificial tooth the neighboring or opposite tooth impressions are taken out to a dental laboratory to prepare crown that fits over implant tooth and neighboring tooth. The artificial tooth (dental crown) is placed over the abutment which almost completes the dental implants treatment in Pasadena.

Everything You Need To Know About Dental Implants in Pasadena:

When you have a damaged tooth or a missing tooth it feels distrust while eating and you feel discomfort to talk in meetings or in any events you have gathered in. The most important thing is that you are unable to enjoy your smiles with your missing tooth and moreover it generates oral health risks in the future as well. To overcome these oral health problems in your life the dental implants treatment in Pasadena is the best choice in replacing the missing tooth or a damaged tooth. Find more about what is dental implants? and the procedure that takes place in our dental practice Cal Dental Group of Pasadena.

Most Frequently Asked Questions on Dental Implants Treatments in Pasadena

Dental implant procedures are not painful. Before starting with the procedure, local anesthesia will be given which makes the place numb, so that the patient will not be feel pain during the procedure.

Teenagers lose their tooth due to various reasons. But lost tooth must be fixed for better dental health. Anyone who is aged above 15 years may be suitable for dental implants. Dr. Sunyoto will examine the patient and suggest the right option for restoring the lost tooth.

Dental implants can last lifelong or at least for 40 years only if you take good care of it by brushing and flossing daily and visit dentist for regular dental checkup.

Pain and numbness will be there for few days after dental implants surgery. After completion of dental implants in pasadena you need to maintain a strict diet for first few weeks. You must have only soft foods, juices, and smoothies.