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Why Should You Consult an Orthodontist Before Getting Dental Implants?

Why Should You Consult an Orthodontist Before Getting Dental Implants?

Are missing teeth affecting your day-to-day life? Do you intend to have dental implants placed to enhance your smile and oral health? In a previous blog post, we discussed what is a dental implant and what is it used for. However, in this blog post, we will understand why should you consult an orthodontist before getting dental implants in Pasadena.

Before getting a dental implant procedure, it is essential to consult with an orthodontist in Pasadena but why? Well, it is to ensure the process is effective and long-lasting. An orthodontist has the expertise to assess the jawbone structure, evaluate the health of the gums, and provide a personalized treatment plan to help ensure the implant succeeds.

Here are some following advantages of consulting an orthodontist before receiving dental implants.

Assessment of Your Bite and Jaw Alignment:

Before getting dental implants, it's crucial to ensure that your jaw and bite are properly aligned to avoid complications with the placement of the implants. A dentist in Pasadena will be able to expertly assess your bite and jaw alignment to determine if any adjustments are necessary before proceeding with the implant surgery.

Determine the Ideal Placement of Dental Implants:

The placement of dental implants can have a significant impact on your bite and overall oral health. Orthodontists are experts when it comes to the alignment of teeth and jaws. The team at our dental office in Pasadena can help you determine which position your dental implants should be placed in for the best enhancement of your smile and oral function, leading to better outcomes and greater satisfaction.

Evaluation of Your Oral Health:

Dental implants in Pasadena require a healthy and strong foundation in the mouth to be successful. Before the implant procedure, your orthodontist can evaluate your oral health and determine if any issues must be addressed. For instance, if you have gum disease or tooth decay, these issues must be treated before the implants can be placed.

Consulting an Orthodontist for Successful Dental Implants in Pasadena:

Orthodontists are experts in oral health and can offer valuable recommendations for pre-and post-operative care. To ensure a successful recovery from the implant procedure, they can provide advice on proper oral hygiene practices, dietary restrictions, and pain management techniques. You can ensure a successful outcome with dental implants by consulting an orthodontist before getting dental implants or Invisalign in Pasadena.

Ready for Your Orthodontist in Pasadena?

If you're considering dental implants and are looking for a dentist near me in Pasadena, contact Dr. Sean Sunyoto and the team at CAL Dental USA today to schedule a consultation and make the initial step towards a healthier and more beautiful smile. For more information, browse through our website or call us at (626) 584-1800 right away!