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Are Dental Implants Right For Me?

Are dental implants right for me?

Tooth loss is one of the most undesirable conditions for oral health. Tooth loss can affect a person's ability to chew food and lead to poor oral health. Dental implants are restorations that are designed to replace roots of lost teeth. They are so good as a restoration such that people call them the next best thing to natural teeth. But who can get dental implants? What are the important requirements for the surgery? The following write-up provides an overview of dental implant candidature.

Dental Implant Surgery and Oral Health

The placement of dental implants in the supporting bone structure involves surgery. After the surgery, the implant is left in the jawbone to heal for a period of a few months. Since the bone supports the restoration, it is important for patients to have healthy jawbone. People who have been missing teeth for quite some time may lose some amount of their natural bone. This occurs because of a lack of stimulation from the teeth. Such patients may have to undergo bone grafting surgery before preparing for dental implant restoration.

An incision is made in the gums when placing dental implants. The restoration comes in contact with the soft tissues. If the gums are infected, there are chances of the supporting bone being exposed to bacteria during the surgery. Therefore dentists make sure to treat gum diseases before conducting the dental implant surgery.

Smoking is a habit which may raise concerns during dental implant surgery. Smoking can reduce the blood flow in the supporting bone and extend the healing period of dental implants. Smoking can also raise the chances of periodontal diseases and can cause implant failure. Patients who smoke may be advised not to do so for during the healing period after the surgery.

Patients who suffer from uncontrolled diabetes may be at risk of implant failure. Poorly controlled diabetes can prolong the healing period of dental implants. Apart from this, patients who have undergone or are undergoing radiation therapy for cancer in the head and neck region may have concerns when it comes to successful placement of dental implants.

Our Implants Dentist in Pasadena performs a thorough oral check-up and makes a note of the health conditions of the patient before finalizing on dental implant surgery. Our restoration process in our Pasadena office has successfully brought healthy smiles among many people in and around the city.