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What Are the Signs That a Root Canal is Needed?

What Are the Signs That a Root Canal is Needed? | Pasadena, CA

A root canal is a dental treatment that cleans out the decay in your tooth’s pulp and root. Knowing if you need a root canal treatment in Pasadena is like trying to figure out if you need a filling. During the early stage of the problem, it's difficult to identify that dental work is required. So, how do you know if you need a root canal treatment? Are there any signs? Keep reading to learn more about the symptoms that may indicate that you need a Root Canals Treatment in Pasadena.

What Is a Root Canal?

Root canal treatment is designed to eliminate bacteria from the infected root canal and save the natural tooth. During the Root Canal treatment, our Endodontist in Pasadena will extract bacteria and decay from the tooth pulp, root, and nerve. Disinfect the area with antibiotics. Fill up the empty roots. And seal the area to prevent new decay.

Root Canal Symptoms:

The best way to know for sure if you need a root canal is by visiting our Pasadena Endodontist. But there are several signs to look out for. Here are 5 signs that indicate that you need a root canal treatment.

  1. Persistent Pain: Tooth pain is one of the main signs that you need a root canal treatment. The pain present in your tooth bothers you all the time. You may feel the pain deep in the bone of your tooth, face, or jaw. It's good to see our endodontist if you have persistent tooth pain. Early treatment for tooth pain typically leads to a better outcome.
  2. Swollen Gums: Swollen gums near the painful tooth can be a sign of a root canal. You may also get a little pimple on your gum. This pimple is called a gum boil, parulis, or abscess. This pimple may ooze pus from the infection in the tooth. This gives you an unpleasant taste in your mouth and makes your breath smell bad.
  3. Sensitivity to Heat and Cold: Do you feel pain around your teeth when you eat warm food or when you drink a cup of coffee? Does your tooth feel sensitive when you eat ice cream? The sensitivity could feel like a sharp pain. If your tooth feels sensitivity when you eat or drink something hot and cold. Then, it's an indicator that the blood vessels and nerves in your tooth are infected and require a Root Canal Treatment.
  4. Chipped or Cracked Tooth: If you've got chipped or cracked tooth from eating hard food, met with an accident or being involved in contact sports. This can damage the nerve of your tooth which becomes inflamed and cause pain and sensitivity. If you’re undergoing this problem, then you may require Root Canals in Pasadena.
  5. Tooth Discoloration: An infection in the pulp of your tooth can cause your teeth to become discolored. Trauma to the tooth or a breakdown of the internal tissue can damage the roots of the tooth and gives a grayish-black appearance. Tooth discoloration can have other causes; it's always a good idea to visit our Pasadena Endodontist if you notice that your tooth is changing color.

If you're experiencing any of the above symptoms, then you may need Root Canals in Pasadena. Give us a call at (626) 584-1800 and set up an appointment with our Pasadena endodontist. Our dentist in Pasadena is happy to help you with any dental concerns that you have.