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Post Care of Teeth Whitening Treatment

Post Care of Teeth Whitening Treatment

A dazzling smile is everyone’s dream and thus teeth whitening is a big favorite among people these days. With active social media presence and cameras everywhere people are driven to have healthy white teeth that are ever ready to be clicked!

Teeth whitening is a regular process of bleaching or whitening the teeth. While there are products that are sold over the shelf for home use, the whitening treatment at a dentist has a much better impact considering the products are designed to be used by professionals. Ideally anyone who has discoloration or dull teeth due to food habits and lifestyle can opt for this treatment.

Professional treatment at the dentist can take upto one hour and involves applying gel and exposing the teeth to a laser or a heating lamp for 20 minutes. This process is ideally done 3 times. Thus while the treatment process, on its own is no hassle, what matters most is the post care of this treatment for lasting impact.

One is recommended to not eat or drink anything that can leave a deep stain on the teeth for 24 hours. Things to avoid are tea, coffee, fruit juices that are naturally deep in color, wine and alcohol.

Aerated drinks are extremely bad for your teeth even in regular times but after any treatment including whitening, this can cause irreversible damage. Thus avoiding colored aerated drinks for as long as possible after a whitening treatment.

For food, one must steer clear of all sauces, red meat and chocolates. Avoid leafy vegetables that have been blanched as that enhances their natural color.

Any coloring agents / powders should be avoided as they will leave a lasting impact if they come in contact with your teeth.

As a dentist we would recommend avoiding any food that is very hot or very cold. Your teeth and gums are sensitive after all the chemicals being used and thus any food or drink that is too hot or too cold can aggravate the sensitivity.

Smoking should be avoided completely for 24 hours. The tar in the cigarette will be quick to leave a stain on your teeth and these stains show up more morbidly on teeth that have just been shined.

It is also advisable that one does not use colored toothpaste, gels or mouth-wash immediately after a whitening treatment. These all have artificial coloring agents in small quantities that do not show on your teeth normally but will leave a mark on treated teeth.

For long-term maintenance, you must brush your teeth 2 times a day with a mild toothpaste and rinse often. Make sure you rinse your mouth after every meal to wash off any stains or leftover food particles. Your pearly whites are yours to cherish as long as you take good care of them.

Our dentists are highly specialized and having the teeth whitening in Pasadena assures you of highly effective, long lasting and the perfect a set of pearly whites for your next click!