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How to know if you need a filling or a root canal?

How to know if you need a filling or a root canal? | Pasadena CA

When a smile turns into a frowny face, all because of a toothache, then a root canal or a filling should do the trick. If you wish the pain to end real quick, but to choose which one, it is quite puzzling. So if it is mind-boggling to take your pick, do not to fret. Here are a few pointers that will put your mind to rest.

The Symptoms: what to watch out for!

When you feel a stabbing pain as soon as you munch and crunch on your favorite snack, then it's time to fix an appointment with our Dentist in Pasadena. And if there is a sudden burst of tooth sensitivity coming out of nowhere, then you need to treat it as a red flag. Black is indeed beautiful, but not when on your tooth. So next time if you see dark spots adorning your pearly whites or there is a gaping cavity, then it is time to make a beeline for a permanent tooth filling. All in all, if the above symptoms trouble you a lot, then give tooth filling a shot.

But a Root Canals in Pasadena is Required if there is a serious issue deep down inside. When bacteria play havoc at the root of the tooth canal, the result is a swollen gum. Nerves are inflamed and infected but don’t worry our dentist knows how to rectify it. Along with a bump in the gum, there are a plethora of other problems like cracks, discoloration and deep decay in the teeth, apart from the usual, but intense pain and prolonged sensitivity.

Steps and Procedure Our Dentist Will Undertake:

If our Dentist in Pasadena thinks that a filling is best for you, the next step that he will take is an examination of the tooth. A dental probe or an x-ray is enough to carry out the investigation. Anesthesia injected will numb the gums and laser will do the job of taking out the tooth’s damaged parts. An acid gel will annihilate stubborn bacteria or debris still sticking on to the teeth. Lastly, the cavity is filled with porcelain, gold or silver. So take your pick. After the job is done, you and our dentist will find it quite full-filling. On the other hand, if the pulp has gone bad, then Root Canals in Pasadena is the only route that you can adopt. A tiny hole is drilled on the surface of the tooth (of course only after the anesthesia is administered). With the diseased pulp taken out, it goes a rubber-like substance that fills the cavity. Next, it is the job of an adhesive cement to seal off the canal’s entry to intruders. And so without the pulp, the tooth is said to die. A crown must be fit to protect and keep the teeth fit. So, next time when the root of your tooth is in bad shape, visit the Endodontist in Pasadena for a Root Canal treatment and root out the problem.

The Conclusion:

At times, whether to opt for a root canal or a filling is quite confusing. But remember, a filling is only done when the outer surface of the tooth is cracked, chipped or has a serious cavity. On the other hand, if a diseased root canal is to blame, then to cease the pain, go for Root Canal Treatment in Pasadena, that help.

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